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The cost of depositary services must correspond to the work and challenges entailed by each fund. Augentius ( considers both the quality of work and the convenience of the client to be of equal importance. Depositary solutions made available by Augentius are adapted to conform to the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) standards.

Many staff at Augentius have been with them for a long period of time, no doubt due to the exceptional opportunities implied by the organisation’s standing as a Platinum ACCA Approved Employer. A chain is merely as strong as its weakest link: That’s why the company advances employee vocation growth. The staff of Augentius has been supplied with many opportunities to develop their professions. This has included classes to enhance their talents and knowledge. Looking after employees as well as business concerns makes for harmonious, long-lasting development.

Any business with lofty goals has aspirations to be well-known worldwide, but this is not easy to achieve. Augentius is regarded as one of the top specialists in its particular field due to its superb background in supplying high-quality financial solutions. Irrespective of any difficulties, it is imperative that services are provided in a timely manner.

Why Work with Augentius?

Augentius puts the customer first, making sure that they get the assistance they require, punctually and to their expectations. Big enterprises are now unable to handle and monitor their growing assets. Consequently, they seek agencies that will provide them with much better asset-handling solutions. Augentius offers depositary services using the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD). A full understanding of Private Equity and Real Estate Funds is necessary by people employed in the world of finance.

The FATCA Services and Augentius

Augentius is the company to use to assist financial organisations in analysing fund structures and application. The company ensures that their valued clients will benefit from continuous help in maintaining their FATCA services. Due to FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), it is necessary that enterprises comply with the Reporting requirements established by IRS and localised IGA legislation. A trustworthy specialist can be provided by Augentius to complete the process of enrolment.